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The 20 prime Diving Sites are reached within 10 - 35 minutes from the diving school by boat. The dives takes place at a depth between 10 - 30 meters.

The reef offers the richest variety of fishes and corals in the world.
Inside the lagoon is an ideal site for novices and unforgetable night dives.

Half day trips with double dives can be arranged on request.
Daily trips, 7 days a week. Twice daily.

Night Dives

Night dives depending on weather and tide conditions.


The following pictures are impressing moments of diving with us.
We appologize for not having the appropriate English captions for all our pictures. If you do know the the propper English wording, please, do not hesitate to sending an E-Mail to our Webmaster.

Fächerkoralle Walhai mit Taucher
Fächerkoralle Walhai mit Taucher
Nacktschnecke Rote Gorgonie
Nacktschnecke Rote Gorgonie


turtlefree.jpg (8893 Byte) Spanische Tänzerin
Turtle Spanish dancer
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